MFi: install a Ubiquiti server to manage powerstrips

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Software version 2.0.24
Operating System Debian 7
Website Ubiquiti Website
Last Update 27/07/2014

1 Introduction

Ubiquiti brings software that are easy to install on Windows and Mac OS. However as it is strongly recommended to let this software always up, it's preferable to have a Linux version to run it in a container or a virtual machine. That's why I decided to install it for a powerstrip mPower on Debian inside LXC. The documentation is very poor, that's why I made this one for those who want to do like me.

2 Installation

First of all, download the mFi server here. Then install prerequisites:

Command aptitude
aptitude install unzip mongodb openjdk-7-jre-headless openjdk-7-jre

Then unzip the archive file and move it to a better folder:

mv mFi /usr/share/

Now set the service to start at boot:

cd /usr/share/mFi/ ; java -jar lib/ace.jar start &

Now you can start the service by hand to check it works fine:

cd /usr/share/mFi/ ; java -jar lib/ace.jar start

3 Configuration

On the server, there is nothing to do especially. However on the powerstrip, you need to access to the web interface and configure them as follow:

  • Configuration
    • Controller: Peronal
    • Address: ubiquiti-server-IP or DNS
    • User: <username>
    • Password: <password>

You need to adapt all fields to fit your server interface.

4 Usage

You can now access to the web interface like this https://ubiquiti-server-IP:6443 and you should have an interface to configure your powerstrips:

Mfi screenshot.png