Infinality fonts for retina display

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Software version
Operating System Debian 8
Website Infinality Website
Last Update 17/02/2014

1 Introduction

Big resolution with small screens is more and more common and we're facing a problem on fonts visualization. We have a lot of non adapted fonts for retina display, even if most of them are not so bad. The solution is to install additional fonts to replace the default one. One of the best one I've seen is Infinality fonts !

2 Installation

2.1 Manual

Clone the git repository:

Command git
cd /tmp
git clone
cd Debian-Packages/

Install the build dependencies. Run the following command and install the packages it lists using apt-get/synaptic/etc.:

Command aptitude
aptitude install docbook-to-man libx11-dev x11proto-core-dev libz-dev quilt
cd freetype-infinality/
cd ../fontconfig-infinality/

Build the packages:

cd ../freetype-infinality/
cd ../fontconfig-infinality/

Install the deb files:

Command dpkg
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i freetype-infinality/*.deb fontconfig-infinality/*.deb

2.2 With packages

You can grab them directly from this site[1]:

cd /tmp
dpkg -i *.deb

Or via the ppa[2]

3 Select your configuration

Select the configuration

> sudo /etc/fonts/infinality/ setstyle
Select a style:
1) debug       3) linux	      5) osx2	     7) win98
2) infinality  4) osx	      6) win7	     8) winxp
#? 3

Restart your session and you're done :-)

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