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Software version 1.6.1/Latest
Operating System Debian 7
Website Glances Website
Last Update 11/08/2013

1 Introduction

Glances[1] is a cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool written in Python.

It avoids to run several tools to get a all in one overview of your system. For example, when you want to quickly see what's wrong on a system for diagnosis, you'll need to launch top/htop, iostat, vmstat...Glances gives you a large overview of your system health. You can then investigate with the appropriate tool if you want. But you didn't waste your time in opening several tools to get the first desired information : where does the problem comes from ? So Glances answer that question.

Glances screenshot.png

2 Installation

2.1 Packages

The glances packages are not yet available in Debian wheezy packages. But they are in Jessie !

This will upgrade the libc6 !

That's why we can do APT pining to use packages :

Configuration File /etc/apt/preferences
Package: *
Pin: release a=wheezy
Pin-priority: 900
Package: *
Pin: release a=jessie
Pin-priority: 100
Package: glances
Pin: release a=jessie
Pin-priority: 1001

Add as well the jessie repositories to your current wheezy :

Configuration File /etc/apt/sources.list
deb jessie main contrib non-free
deb-src jessie main contrib non-free

Now update and install glances :

Command aptitude
aptitude update
aptitude install glances

2.2 Pip

You can install the latest version of Glances using pip. First install dependencies :

Command aptitude
aptitude install python-pip python-dev

Then install Glances :

Command pip
pip install Glances

You're now able to launch glances in command line :

Command glances

2.2.1 Upgrade

To upgrade your Glances version:

Command pip
pip install -- upgrade glances

3 Configuration

There is nothing especially to configure as defaults options could be enough for a large set of users. Anyway, you can add or change several options of the default configuration in /etc/glances.glances.conf.

An option comes with 1.7 version is the possibility to watch at a specific software. Let's say Nginx for instance. You can ask to glance to look at it by adding those lines :

Configuration File /etc/glances.glances.conf
list_1_description=Web Nginx Server
list_1_command=nginx -v

  • list_X : replace X by 1 to 9, this is the information for additionals software (here Nginx)
  • description : set the software description (16 chars max)
  • regex : regex to group software informations
  • command : the command to run that will show informations in glances
  • countmin : minimum number of informations to show
  • countmax : maximum number of informations to show

You can add other softwares by adding same lines with list_2, list_3....

4 Client/Server mode

There is also a client/server mode. You can run a server like that :

Command glances
glances -s

And you can connect clients :

Command glances
glances -c <server>

Replace <server> by the server IP.

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