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Software version
Operating System Wheezy
Website DotDeb Website
Last Update 10/02/2014

1 Introduction

Dotdeb [1] is a repository containing packages to turn your Debian boxes into powerful, stable and up-to-date LAMP servers :

  • Nginx,
  • PHP 5.4 and 5.3,
  • useful PHP extensions : APC, imagick, Pinba, xcache, Xdebug, XHprof…
  • MySQL 5.5,
  • Percona toolkit,
  • Redis,
  • Zabbix,
  • Passenger...

2 Installation

To install DotDeb repository, add a preference file to avoid unwanted override packages:

Configuration File /etc/apt/preferences.d/00dotdeb.pref
Package: *
Pin: release
Pin-Priority: 100

Then add the repository:

Configuration File /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dotdeb.list
deb wheezy all
deb-src wheezy all

Add the GPG key:

cd /tmp
sudo apt-key add dotdeb.gpg

And run an update:

apt-get update

3 Usage

aptitude install -t dotdeb redis-server

4 References

  1. ^