Monitorer les accès au superuser

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1 Introduction

When the operating system is installed, a superuser is created, with an UID of 0. The usage of the su command is recorded in /var/adm/sulog.

2 Configuration

To record in the first place you need to do the following.
In the file /etc/default/su, uncomment the entry:


Save it.

The entries look like this:

Configuration File /var/adm/sulog
MO 02/18 14:21 + pts/0 nrocha-root
TU 02/19 14:45 - pts/0 root-nrocha
WE 02/20 19:47 + pts/0 amaria-nrocha

  • The first three columns show the time the event occurred.
  • The fourth column shows a - for failed access and a + for successful access.
  • The fifth column shows which port the access was made from.
  • The last column shows the name of the user who tried to switch users and the switched user.

Note: This procedure was tested on the Solaris 10 OS.

3 References